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Remember them?

The Timbertoes!

They’re characters from their own comic in Highlights for Children, a children’s magazine.  I credit this magazine for sparking my interest in reading from an early age.  No really.  I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t know how to read.  Of course, I wasn’t reading War and Peace when I was three or anything.  It was mostly age appropriate reading behavior.  The Timbertoes were part of that.  AND, as a friend recently pointed out, The Timbertoes was actually a COMIC.

I had never considered that before.  The Timbertoes was one of my favorite features in Highlights as a kid.  Apparently, my favorite feature was a comic.  I suppose it’s not a small wonder that I greatly enjoy reading comics now, web or otherwise.  Btw, Bearmageddon is updating again.

I didn’t really have anywhere to go with this post.  I just thought it was interesting to finally realize that my love of comics started really early in life.  Also, if you have a child, consider getting them a subscription to Highlights for Children.  It’s probably one of the best things my parents did for me.  Um…yes.


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