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I have recently been working on site for Client A, here forth known as Clia.  Working for Clia has been an interesting experience.  Mostly because thus far, we have been working in their warehouse that houses their raw, process, and finished goods.  That last one is important.  Because this warehouse houses the finished product, which are pharmaceuticals, which are expensive, which are still under patent, we have to be escorted by either Clia employees or security guards at all times while we are working in the warehouse.  Being escorted everywhere is pretty amusing.

Ok, so the escorting part isn’t really all that amusing.  We’ve had some really entertaining guards.  We’ve also had a really boring one.  I’m not sure why he was a guard at all.  He seemed really timid.  Nice guy and all, but not really what you expect from a security guard.


Like I was saying, it’s not really the being escorted part that’s been amusing, but more the thought that this is the kind of behavior that you might see on a playground with a bunch of preschoolers.  You have your one harried teacher looking out for all the kids.  One starts to drift away and do his own thing.  The teacher has to run after that one and bring him back.  While she’s doing that, another kid starts drifting away, totally entranced by say…a butterfly.  The teacher brings kid #1 back and notices kid #2 wandering off, chasing butterflies.  She dutifully runs after kid #2 and brings her back.

Meanwhile, kids #3-4 decide they’re hungry and go in search of food.  Or the sandbox.  You know.  Preschoolers are always eating sand.  The teacher manages to bring kid #2 back to the pack, but then has to chase after kids #3-4.  She herds them back, but only to find kids #1, 5-6 are wandering off again.  You get the idea.  This is what I see in my head every time I have one of the security guards nearby.  I kind of want to wander away to be chased down and watch another one of my colleagues (or the subcontractors) wander off and be chased down.  The whole idea is just SO. FUNNY. to me.   And I know I’m not the only one.  My PM told me he thought the same thing.

But anyhoo, I wouldn’t do something like that to our poor, harried security guards.  For the most part, they’ve been really nice and they get yelled at by the head of security (who is a very intense, no-nonsense lady) if something untoward, like their assigned preschoolers contingent staff wander off without them.  And there aren’t as many of us working in tandem on related projects anymore.  At one point, we had at least four groups of four working in the different areas of the warehouse at one time.  A few of the days, they only assigned two security guards to escort all of us.  They had to position themselves so they could each watch two groups at the same time.  It’s hard to do when you have all these shelves of stuff in the way.  Those security guards looked really harried.  That would have been the most fun time to run away from the guards.  But anyhow, there are cameras everywhere so it’s not like we could hide anywhere anyway.



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