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So, I have a half-finished craft post, but…ASD.  Have you ever considered that ASD could also stand for Autism Spectrum Disorder?  I recently considered that.  But I’m not talking about autism.  Just motivation issues.

Thus, I present to you this giant pink slug!

Links to source

Links to source

They recently discovered these in Australia.  Or perhaps, they recently confirmed that these are only found in a very small area of Australia.  I’ve seen conflicting reports.  I’m more inclined to believe the second one.

Apparently, they’re a remnant of when Australia was rainforest.  They would have gone extinct long ago except that a volcano in the area erupted and created an alpiny forest around it that could support the slugs (and several species of carnivorous snails).

So there you are.  Giant pink slugs.  Oh, I forgot to tell you how large they are.  They’re a bit larger than 7.5″.  Hence the “giant” that I appended in front of “pink.”  Nod.


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