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Yaris is a very mellow dog.  Yes, she does have her moments when she’s terribly excited and will tear around the house or whatever in her excitement.  Yes, she does forcibly unpack her bags in excitement when I come and collect her from our neighbor, who is so very kind to dog sit for me when I’m away.  Yes, when Yaris forcibly unpacks her bag—really it’s just one, I don’t know why I said it was plural before, I dedicated the KPCC tote bag for her things—when I pick her up from our neighbor’s house it’s really counterproductive because she’s excited to see me and to go home but now she can’t go home because I have to pack her bag again.  But overall, Yaris is a pretty mellow dog.

So really, I shouldn’t have been surprised when she did this.  Well, actually I wasn’t.

Hmm, no.  I’m not going to show you what she did just yet.  First, I’m going to tell you about Mishka.

You know who Mishka is right?  Mishka is the talking husky.  Here, I’ll show you.

Mishka is an exceptionally vocal husky.  She also has her own youtube channel, which can make for fun times if you have a dog of your own.

Thus, my brother sent me this not too long ago.

That’s a video of Noushka reacting to a Mishka video.  I figure my bro sent me the clip because Noushka is a GSD, like Yaris, and she seemed really confused by Mishka’s talking.  Or really she’s probably just trying to make sense of all the noise.  Or possibly, she’s trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.  No one seems to really know.  But anyway, it’s fun to watch and to speculate what head-tilting dogs are thinking.

And so, I thought maybe Yaris would do something similar.  And since my bro so nicely sent me the video, I figured I would just play it for Yaris and see what kind of reaction I’d get.

Now, I say that I thought maybe Yaris would do something similar, but…I don’t think I really did.  Because one time, Yaris and I went into a Petco to find her a new harness because she nearly chewed through her old one in a fit of anxiety (this was close to the time when my neighbor first started dog sitting for me and before Yaris developed a close relationship with my neighbor’s son who relieved her of some of her anxiety from me leaving her with then-strangers).

Well, we walked into the Petco and they were having an adoption event for small, stupid, yappy, noisy dogs.  And true to form, the moment we walked in, the small, stupid, yappy, noisy dogs started to be yappy and noisy (because they are already and were always small and stupid, they don’t suddenly become that way when someone walks into Petco).  Yaris, on the other hand, completely ignored them unlike many other dogs who were stirred into a frenzy and barked at all the noise coming from the entrance of the store.  All the dog handlers and Petco employees were duly impressed with Yaris’ mellowness in the face of annoying, small, stupid, yappy, noisy dogs.

Can you tell I don’t like small dogs?  I’m not sure if I made that clear.  ANYWAY…

With this as the background, I wasn’t really expecting a lot of reaction from Yaris as she heard another dog howling.  I mean, she can’t see or smell this other dog.  She can only hear the other dog.  This pales in comparison with the plethora of annoying, small, stupid, yappy, noisy dogs that she could hear and see and smell and did not react to.

So without further ado…here’s her response to the video I played for her.


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