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Daily Archives: September 9th, 2013

So, you guys already knew that I like spiders right?  I mean, I have several posts about them.  Every single word and punctuation mark links to a spider post and they didn’t even cover all the spider posts I’ve written!  Obviously, I like spiders.

You guys also knew that I like beetles right?  I think I only have one post about them.  But it was a decently long post.  I had a post about a weta too, but wetas (or just weta if you’re in New Zealand) aren’t beetles.

You should have also guessed that I like robots too.  I’ve made conjectures about robotic fish before, after all.  And there have been a couple of projects involving robots.  And also, I’m friends with a robot.  So…it should have been pretty apparent.

Well…now I will show you things in which spiders and beetles and robots are smushed together!

Ok…not really.  It’s just a couple of spider robots and a giant beetle robot.  But they’re quite interesting.  I’ve known about the spider robots for some time, but the giant beetle robot is something I only recently discovered.  And I felt I needed to share all three of them with you.  In case you wanted nightmares or something.  But they really are quite interesting! You can decide if you want to see them though.