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Gosh guys. It’s been a great week for spider-related things.  The same week I caught an opilione (pretty sure it was an opilione) and found out about peacock spiders, I learned that there’s a BRIGHT BLUE TARANTULA! BRIGHT BLUE!

Here, I’ll show you.

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Isn’t it pretty?  Look at that color!  But while I really do like the color, I think it doesn’t take the place of the Mexican flame-knee tarantula on my list of pets I would like to have.  Very close second though.

This bright blue tarantula is a Gooty sapphire (Poecilotheria metallica) and hails from the India/Sri Lanka area.  It’s part of the Poecilotheria genus of tarantulas (duh).  The genus is known for their intricate markings.  Most of the other ones are some variation of brown or gray.  I think only this one is this vibrant blue.

These particular tarantulas are pretty big.  Actually, the whole genus has pretty big spiders.  The Gooty sapphires are about 8″.  They’re also arboreal.  Can you imagine if one of these spiders lost its footing and fell on your head?  I wonder if it would feel like a coconut or something falling on your head…

Hmm…what else?  Oh, this genus of tarantulas are also venomous.  And fast.  Seriously, they’re some of the greatest tarantulas ever.  EVAR.

Anyhoo, I found out about this spider because of this other tarantula.  It’s a new species (most likely) of giant tarantula!  Tada!  It’s the size of a human face!  An ADULT human face!  Think about it.  This spider could rest comfortably OVER YOUR ENTIRE FACE!  HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MIGHT FEEL?  (Actually, it’s about the same size as the Gooty.)


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