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So, you guys already knew that I like spiders right?  I mean, I have several posts about them.  Every single word and punctuation mark links to a spider post and they didn’t even cover all the spider posts I’ve written!  Obviously, I like spiders.

You guys also knew that I like beetles right?  I think I only have one post about them.  But it was a decently long post.  I had a post about a weta too, but wetas (or just weta if you’re in New Zealand) aren’t beetles.

You should have also guessed that I like robots too.  I’ve made conjectures about robotic fish before, after all.  And there have been a couple of projects involving robots.  And also, I’m friends with a robot.  So…it should have been pretty apparent.

Well…now I will show you things in which spiders and beetles and robots are smushed together!

Ok…not really.  It’s just a couple of spider robots and a giant beetle robot.  But they’re quite interesting.  I’ve known about the spider robots for some time, but the giant beetle robot is something I only recently discovered.  And I felt I needed to share all three of them with you.  In case you wanted nightmares or something.  But they really are quite interesting!

So first, maybe the least frightening of the three robots I found, is this giant beetle robot creation.

Ok, so it’s not an autonomous giant beetle robot or anything, but it’s pretty impressive.  It’s the KABUTOM RX-03!  I’m not sure if there’s also an 01 and 02 version.  Or even an 00 version.  But anyway, I like it.  It’s something like 11 feet tall and can carry seven people on its back.  Yay!  Also, a Japanese engineer built it.  Of course.

It would be a pretty awexome way to get around the Clia campus.  Not so much the Clib facility.  The Clib facility is quite a bit smaller than Clia’s facility.

Second, there’s the debatable less frightening spider robot.  I’m basing the frightening level solely based on size.  This is the smaller of the two spider robots.

There have been many similarly sized spider robots, but I think this one looks the best by far.  I mean, it looks like a real spider!  Well, with only one eye.  That glows blue.  Really, it should glow red.  So that it reminds you of HAL.  But the Robugtix T8 is an octopod robot with uses 26 servos (I’m pretty sure they’re servo motors) and is powered by a pretty nice kinematics engine for pretty realistic movement, like that great aggressive stance.  And also unrealistic movement.  I like seeing the spider dance.

Also, it’s a kit that you can pick up and build yourself.  I really want one pretty badly.  But probably not 1500$ bad.  Sugh.

AND FINALLY, maybe the best robot of them all.  I’m not sure, because I really like the T8.  But it has a back story and none of the other robots had back stories (I mean, they had stories as to why they were designed and built, but the robots themselves didn’t really take on a character).  I present to you La Princesse!

La Princesse appeared in Liverpool several years ago for a culture celebration.  I’m not really sure what a giant mechanical spider has to do with culture, but whatever.  It’s a pretty impressive build.  It takes lots of people to operate.  I know there’s one to operate each leg and you can see three of them sitting on top.  There might be one more underneath the spider.  I’m not sure.

Now, La Princesse looks really great, but it doesn’t move that much like a spider.  I mean, it’s not surprising that she doesn’t.  Her legs are independently controlled by eight different people and she’s huge.  There’s no way she can move normally through the streets without knocking things over.  Which is too bad, really.  She would be so much better if she moved like the T8.

So anyway, tada!  Interesting bug and spider robots for your enjoyment!


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