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I’ve been thinking about pets recently.  In that…I want another one.  But I want a low maintenance one.  I have a few of those already, actually.  There’s Seymour and Rosemarie, my pet rocks (they are not officially licensed pet rocks), and my moss ball, whose name is…Mossball.  The thing with low maintenance pets is that they’re…low maintenance.  I don’t count Choco or Yaris as low maintenance pets.  I wouldn’t mind getting another dog, but I think I might be hard pressed to care for it adequately.  But I could handle another low maintenance pet.  Like…a sourdough starter.

Yes, yes, I know you’re spluttering with indignation and shaking your fist at your screen all the while declaring that a sourdough starter is NOT a pet.  But…I say it is.  More so than a pet rock.  I mean, you really don’t have to do anything with a pet rock and they’re perfectly fine.  A sourdough starter involves living creatures.  You have to feed them (flour).  You have to give them a little exercise (stir it a bit).  How is this not like a pet?  It’s kind of like a low maintenance pet hen.  You feed a hen some and let it run around in your yard, and she gives you an egg.  With a sourdough starter, you feed it and stir it and you get some starter to bake with.  See?  Totally like a low maintenance hen.

Actually, I was thinking of maybe getting a pair of starters.  It’s because I really like San Francisco sourdough (sourdoughs made in different parts of the world taste different because of the different types of wild yeasts that live in that different part of the world).  But SF sourdough is pretty sour.  It wouldn’t taste very good as a sweet bread.  So, I would probably get a batch of the Amish friendship bread starter (the way to gift someone inconvenience!) and I could use that to make sweet breads, pancakes, etc.  I wonder what would happen if you mixed them together…hmm…

Or I could just get a pet spider.  I have wanted a Mexican flame-kneed tarantula for awhile now.  And while they’re higher maintenance than a sourdough starter, they’re nowhere near as bad as a dog.

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