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Sometimes I crave certain foods.

Sometimes I crave different types of foods at the same time.

Sometimes I think I should just combine my cravings in some way.

So I present to you, food mashups!

Craving #1 + Craving #2 = Mashup

pizza + curry = curry pizza: I live in California and Californians are always making up weird pizzas.  I could probably do this.

lamb vindaloo + burger = lamb vindaloo burger: which…actually might work out really well because (fake) vindaloos also involve potatoes and potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to burgers, e.g. fries.

Onion + baked apples = grilled whole onion? Not too sure how well this would work out and it wasn’t a real craving. A friend and I were talking about how well a whole onion would hold up to grilling. Maybe a stuffed onion…like a stuffed bell pepper.  And you’d probably have to use a brown or white onion.  A sweet onion would mush up too easily.  You need some structure in the walls still.  The stuffing could be an apple/pork combo or something.  Maybe a little cider…  I should try this.

Ethiopian food + animal style fries = a pile of animal style fries on top of some injera.  This happens a lot for some reason when I have Ethiopian food.  Since Ethiopian cuisine often involves a lot of different stews and salads on top of injera, a pile of animal style fries probably wouldn’t look out of place.  Probably.

Erm…I had more ideas, but I didn’t write them down (of course) and I can’t remember any more right now.  I guess this might be a new series of posts.


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