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Welp, today’s post has been derailed due to some furious, last-minute clothes shopping the night before.  You see, my boss thought it’d be fun to schedule a client interview for me today.  Of course in Thousand Oaks.  It is my most favorite place ever (I don’t really have a problem with Thousand Oaks).

But in preparation for this interview, which my boss said would be a formal interview but I should dress semi-formally (I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS), I had to go out and buy something that would be suitable for said interview.  Mostly a top.  The one I wore originally for my interview with THEM has mysteriously disappeared.  I was also trying to figure out how get out of wearing a blazer.  I dislike blazers.  They’re so confining.  So…there was the matter of some kind of sweater or something.  What do people wear to formal interviews that are semi-formal?  Gah.

Anyway, here’s this thing (that is ridiculous) I found before about foot cramps.  It’s a relevant topic because…people’s feet will cramp.  Actually, I started thinking about this when I was going through the prednisone taper, which caused a lot of cramping that time.  And then it had gotten really cold and dry, both of which can contribute to cramping (because cold slows your circulation and dry provides a higher chance of dehydration).  So…there you go.

Soap.  It is the miracle cure to cramps.  Apparently, if you put a bar of soap, probably unwrapped, close to where you cramp, the cramp will go away.  I cannot say if this is true or not, but there is an online store that sells bed soap.  Because normal soap gets away from you sometimes when you’re tossing and turning.  They also sell soap slivers to stick in your socks for foot cramps because it would obviously be difficult for you to stick a whole bar of soap in your sock (I’m wondering why the soap doesn’t lather up when your feet start sweating).

From what I’ve seen, it looks like people always use a new bar of soap.  Maybe used bars of soap aren’t effective.  Their magical cramp relieving properties are washed away in the shower, I guess.  And I guess you can’t cut the soap to size because it’s the whole bar of soap that is effective, regardless of size.  If you cut the bar of soap, you have reduced effectiveness.  And…I guess people don’t go to hotels that often so they can’t steal the little bars of hotel soap.  I guess.  Therefore you have to go buy bed soap and sock soap.

Oh, here’s another reason why cramps and soap is relevant.  I had to get new shoes for the interview too.  The heels that I had worn were…not the most appropriate of shoes.  I just tried to push on through with them anyway.  But I figured if I have to do this often, I might as well get appropriate shoes.  And have you ever tried to wear heels that were too small or too narrow or too high?  Especially if you’re used to wearing steel-toed boots all the time?  Your feet sometimes will start cramping.  Yup.

Anyway, while searching for decent heels that I would be willing to wear, I found…these.

kitty heels

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T.U.K. apparently has this whole line of shoes, heels or otherwise, that are cat themed.  I am trying to figure out what occasion these are for.  My guess is that they are not for semi-formal formal interviews.  They are vegan friendly though.

OH HEY!  If you decided to use the soap method to ward off cramps and your feet started sweating while you were walking around in these cat shoes, maybe it would start foaming and then you would have rabid cat shoes!  …I still don’t know what occasion it’s for though.


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