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The other day I was at a bookstore.  A real, brick and mortar bookstore.  Only, this bookstore probably wasn’t constructed from brick, this being California and all.  Anyway, the point is that I was at a real bookstore.  And while I was there, I saw this book.

Links to Amazon

Links to Amazon

And I really wanted this book.  It looked so interesting.  I wanted to draw 642 weird and random things.  But, since I was at a real bookstore, there was a markup and I didn’t think a book of predominately blank paper was worth as much as they were asking for it.  It made me kind of sad.

But then I thought, “Hey!  I bet there are lists of weird and random things to draw on the internets!  And if I draw from a list on the internets, I can draw digitally and skip the step of scanning stuff if I want to post the drawing!”  This is exactly what I thought to myself.  Well, not really.  My thoughts weren’t really all that excited.

But anyway, after the briefest of searches online, I have indeed found a list of weird things to draw.  And they even update it every year.  And they even post their drawings as they complete them.  Huzzah!

So, the plan is this: I’m going to start posting twice a week.  Because…this Clib project seems to be never ending.  But I need to start doing something creative again or start going crazy (or more so).  I can’t really work on any of the projects I had been doing because my house is…well, I don’t have much of a house right now.  It’s still under repair from the swimming pool incident.  Stuff has been shoved into rooms and there’s construction equipment all over the house and there is dust everywhere and the general contractor didn’t think it was necessary to put drop cloths over the stuff being stored in the rooms so there is dust everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  AND ON EVERYTHING.  You probably don’t realize how displeased this makes me.  BUT ANYWAY…

The plan will be one normal, ridiculous post (because the words “normal” and “ridiculous” should be used in the same sentence and even describe the same thing) on Mondays and a weird drawing on either Wednesday or Friday.  You should draw ridiculous things too.  Ridiculous things are fun to draw.  Huzzah!


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