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A-pusher (THEM-COM) 08:519
anyways…. yahoo had that as a banner this morning
made me think of you hahaha

Me (THEM-IRV) 08:53
Hey now…
I haven’t eaten a whole pizza by myself in years.
Well actually…
I think my brother and I both ate whole pizzas when he was here….

A-pusher (THEM-COM) 08:53
it was even better cause it was a whole pizza first

Me (THEM-IRV) 08:53

A-pusher (THEM-COM) 08:53
and slice by slice went away

Me (THEM-IRV) 08:53
Since January.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) 08:53
it was more so just the thought of pizza is always on your mind
not so much the binge eating part
but it works either way

Me (THEM-IRV) 08:56

I’ve been making pizza again.  I’m sure this comes as a great shock to you.  You had no idea that I would be furtively making pizza in the background.  But I was.  Actually, I don’t know if I’d really describe my pizza making as furtive.  Anyway…

I recently tried out another no-knead dough recipe for pizza.  This time it was Jim Lahey’s recipe.  This one makes the most pizzas out of any of the recipes I’ve tried thus far and also is so very nicely already in weight measurements.

I made two pizzas after 24 hours: one pan and one…not pan.  They’re both topped with some jar marinara I had lying around, prosciutto, yellow bell, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, asparagus, sweet onion, and fresh mozz.  Basically, things in my fridge that I needed to get rid of.  It’s an ongoing theme in my cooking.  The pan pizza had a bit of garlicky olive oil and was baked at 550degF for about 15 min.  The not pan pizza was baked on a pizza stone preheated to 550degF but under the broiler for about 15 min.

IMAG00459 IMAG00458

The result wasn’t bad but one thing I immediately noticed was how much salt there was in the dough.  Granted, it may not have been the recipe itself.  I did notice that my scale was acting up a bit while weighing out the salt.  I may have just oversalted the dough.  I’ll try it again some other time to make sure.  The saltiness kind of held my attention the entire time so I can’t really say how much I liked the crust.  Also, I made the pizzas within 24 hours.  I would have preferred to wait at least another day to let the dough develop some flavor.

Which I did.  For other pizzas.  But that’s another post.

Also, I don’t think I have binge eating disorder but if you think you might, maybe you should seek help.


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