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I’ve decided that maybe all GSDs are punks to Labs.  One of my coworkers from THEM also has a GSD/Lab dog set.  His are normal sized, but that doesn’t really pertain to this story.  Anyway, one time his GSD tricked the Lab to get into the crawlspace under his parents’ house.  I guess the GSD lifted the gate to the crawlspace and then told the Lab that going into the crawlspace was really fun.  The Lab went inside and then the GSD closed the gate and ran off, trapping the Lab under the house.  What a punk.  It reminds me of the time Yaris tricked Horse out of his bed.  The Lab was found some hours later.

So, we now know that GSDs are punks to Labs (and possibly to other dogs in general), but surely they receive their comeuppance at some point?  Yes.  Or at least, Yaris did.

The dogs went outside after dinner one time and Horse came back in after only a few moments.  Since I was watching TV on the couch, he decided to lie down on the floor right next to the couch…which happens to be right in front of the doggy door.  Yaris was still outside and when she decided to come back inside, she realized the door was blocked.  I guess she sat outside for a while to see if Horse would move.  He didn’t.  He got up and just sat in front of the door.


Look familiar?  Yaris did the exact same thing to him when he was stuck outside before I replaced the existing door with a giant one.

WP_20140523_20_50_30_Pro (1)

Finally got her comeuppance.

Horse blocked her like that until she started crying and knocked on the door to get my attention.  I laughed at her and then shooed Horse out of the way so she could get in.



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