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I’ve been looking for a good lemon bar recipe for a long time now. Most lemon bar recipes I find are too sweet and not lemony enough. The last recipe I tried, which is my favorite thus far, is Chef John’s Lemon Bars recipe. The lemon filling is very lemony, with the right amount of tartness (for me, which might be considered full-on sour for everyone else, and yes I did slightly reduce the sugar). I’m not sold on the crust so much. It’s good, but I think I would like to find something a little more substantial. The shortbread is a really good shortbread. Maybe I’m looking for something less like shortbread. I haven’t decided.

But anyway, the last time I tried out the recipe, I didn’t go the standard lemon bar route. I decided to make them in my small tart pans. Because it was fancy. They look really nice as small lemon tarts though. And since the lemon custard filling leaves me with a bunch of extra egg whites, I used them to make an Italian meringue (because I don’t really like forcing uncooked eggs on people even though an undercooked/uncooked egg doesn’t bother me at all) and piped it over the top. Busted out my small torch too. Like I said, fancy.


Please to ignore the apple flower and potatoes photobomb.


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