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I really thought I had posted this already…

I was inspired to make garlic knots recently because I saw a photo of some garlic knots.  So I made some.  Just pizza dough (with some dried parsley, oregano, and parm kneaded in with it).  And then a coat of melted butter and more parm grated over the top.  And then into a 400degF oven for about 10 minutes.  They’re good.

The pizza dough wasn’t my normal several day rise pizza dough because…the garlic knots weren’t really planned.  I borrowed the pizza dough recipe from Sorted food.

I used all purpose flour in place of the strong flour they call out.  I think I do have high gluten flour somewhere, but I didn’t bother digging it out. Also, I didn’t bother with their directions on how to make the dough.  I proofed my yeast beforehand with the warm water and maybe a teaspoon of sugar and then kneaded the dough in the KitchenAid until the dough formed a smooth ball and let it rise until doubled in volume.  The Sorted food recipe makes enough dough for a dozen garlic knots.

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