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Daily Archives: May 19th, 2011

Today, I witnessed an interesting phenomenon.  I had cut a strip of fabric, and as I was ironing it, it started shrinking before my eyes!  Ok, so I know the fabric is pure cotton and it hasn’t been preshrunk and that I should have washed it before I even started doing stuff with it.  I know.  Really, I do.  But I’m lazy and I’ve never had cloth shrink on me while I was ironing it before.  Anyhoo, it made it really hard to iron, especially since I was trying to iron a nice, crisp crease down the middle.  I was getting my crease, but it could arguably be called the middle…if you tilted your head a bit and squinted, but it was hardly crisp and the other side was getting more wrinkly by the minute.  It was not an ideal situation.

Anyway, disaster was averted.  I turned off the steam function on the iron (yes, I was ironing non-preshrunk cotton fabric with steam…it’s faster, until it shrinks the cloth while you’re ironing it) and ironed everything out flat and then tried again.  It worked fine.   It’s a good thing I cut more than I needed, since the fabric didn’t shrink evenly and now I have two different lengths.

What fun.

Also, I would have taken and posted some pictures, but…the stuff I’m working on is classified.  I do not have enough time as it is than to also add the chore of finding all of you who read this and see the photos and kill you to keep delicate information from reaching the wrong ears.  Or right ears, depending on your point of view.