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Daily Archives: December 9th, 2011

As of this writing (Thursday, 12/8), it’s National (or Chocolate) Brownie Day.  Now this is a (fake) holiday I can get behind.  I really like chocolate.  No, really.  I REALLY, REALLY like chocolate.  I have my theories about why, but now is not the time to air them.  Anyway, I like chocolate.  I like brownies, too.  Not as much as I like chocolate, but seeing as how this is CHOCOLATE brownie day (as opposed to blondies), it’s totally fine.  So I celebrated tonight by making brownies.  Huzzah!

I haven’t made brownies in a long time.  I’ve traditionally only made box brownies.  My sister and I have tried making brownies from scratch now and then, but they’ve never really turned out the way we thought brownies should.  And see that making cookies is a bit faster than making brownies and they’re pre-portioned, we’ve typically just made cookies (a cookie recipe is forthcoming).  But!  Today is not Chocolate Cookie Day, it’s Chocolate Brownie Day.  So I decided to try my hand at making brownies again.

One thing that’s always been a source of irritation to me about brownie recipes is that the overwhelming majority of brownie recipes I find involve cocoa powder.  Sometimes I have it, but most of the time I don’t.  But I almost always have semisweet chocolate chips on hand (and now I have A LOT of chocolate chips, but more on that later).  Why can’t more recipes feature chocolate chips as a base?  So here’s my stab at making brownies with chocolate chips as a base, rather than cocoa powder.

Dry components are measured in weight instead of volume, because using volume for dry goods is stupid.  I firmly believe this.  The only exceptions I made are for granulated sugar, table salt, and piddling small volumes.  I like using metric for weights, because a base 10 system is a lot easier to work with than the weird Imperial but not really standard the US uses.  If you don’t like it, then try going here for conversions.  Recipe after the jump.