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Daily Archives: December 16th, 2011

The other day, one of my colleagues received a catalog from Staples.  This was weird to me because 1) Staples has paper catalogs??, 2) he is not in charge of purchasing office supplies or anything else, and 3) Staples has paper catalogs??

Anyway, one of the pages in the catalog was a pullout page of a giant question mark. I have no idea why you would need to include a pullout page of a giant question mark in your catalog of office supplies, but whatever.  My colleague thought maybe I would like a giant question mark.  He was right.

But, what does one do with a giant question mark?  Why, you cut it out and hang it over the door of your office, of course.  Kind of like mistletoe, but instead of people wanting to kiss you when you’re standing underneath the question mark, as it is not mistletoe, they run away from you because they believe a) your confusion is contagious and /or b) you’re going to pester them with 364859274 questions.

To make your very own colleague repellant: