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Daily Archives: December 28th, 2011

One of Our Thursdays is Missing (Jasper Fforde).  It’s true.  One of the Thursdays is missing.  Oh yeah, spoilers ahead.

So, if you remember from the previous book, which I may or may not have mentioned and I’m too lazy to check if I did now, you have Thursday, the original from the Outland; Thursday1-4, from books 1-4 who ended up being erased after going rogue; and Thursday5, from book 5 who became Thursday1-5 after Thursday1-4 was erased.  Well, one of them is missing, and obviously not Thursday1-4, because she was erased.  Original Thursday is missing and there are shenanigans going on in BookWorld.

  • Thursday is missing.
  • Racy Novel is being troublesome again.
  • Thursday needs to be present at the negotiations with Racy Novel.
  • Written Thursday is dispatched to investigate a strange book wreckage.
  • She finds that all the ISBN numbers have been scrubbed from the book.
  • The Men in Plaid seem to be after written Thursday.
  • Written Thursday breaks the law and travels to the Outland.
  • Written Thursday impersonates real Thursday.
  • A betrayal.
  • Jasper Fforde’s own books are somehow rewritten again within his own book.

This one is the last Thursday Next book for awhile.  The next book isn’t due out until sometime next year.