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Daily Archives: December 14th, 2011

The fifth(?) Thursday Next book!

I’ve mentioned before that Jasper Fforde has a penchant for changing how books are written in our literature stream.  He’s done it with Jane Eyre and Great Expectations for example.  But this time, he’s done it with his own books.  His own!  He managed to change how his own books were written in this book that’s not really the fifth because he managed to unwrite the original fifth book.  That’s talent, right there.

Anyway, First Among Sequels takes place some fourteen years after the last book and we see that Thursday has happily settled down with her husband and her threeish children.  SpecOps is now underground.  Thursday’s duties at Jurisfiction are fulfilled discreetly.  There’s HUGE stupidity surplus in England because they elected a government that had some common sense.  Well, the downside to that is that stupidity, as a commodity, ends up piling up and soon you have this dangerous stockpile of it.  It doesn’t help that stupidity breeds like rabbits too.  So, you have that, along with this atmosphere of blahness that pervades the land, Thursday clones running around in Bookworld, and a Bookworld administration that doesn’t have common sense.  All of this means that the world is coming to an end.  Huzzah!

Also, we herald the return of Aornis and Benevolent Corporation.