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Monthly Archives: February 2012


It’s another postcrossing postcard.  This one is to NorCal and the recipient said that he liked landscape postcards.  I had a very nice one of the Yukon…but I can’t find it.  Sugh.  That seems to be the way it always is.  Anyway, since I figure he already knew what California looks like, I sent a postcard of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu instead.  This one might be the last one I have of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.  It’s the actual London Bridge…but it’s the 1800s London Bridge.  The city of London sold the bridge in the mid-1900s when it was no longer able to support the amount of traffic over the bridge.  Arizona bought it and installed it over part of Lake Havasu.

One more day left!

Postcard!  This time a handmade one.

Back when I first signed up to do the lettermo challenge, a fellow challengee went around the forums looking for people to trade postcards with.  I agreed to do a postcard exchange with him and this is the one I’ve made in trade with the one he sent me.  Like…three weeks ago.  He was obviously on top of things.  I was not.

Anyway, this postcard is a bit more girly and cheerful than most of the ones I make, but the idea of a robot watering flower gears makes me laugh.  It’s so obvious that’s how you get gears.  So obvious.  How else would you get gears?

Most of this stuff was cut using the Robotz cartridge for the Cricut.  The clouds are from Paper Pups and the sun is from Create a Critter.  I cut the watering can freehand with an Xacto knife.  Hmm…I realize that I forgot to put sunglasses on the sun now.  I normally put sunglasses on suns.  Sugh.

I didn’t scan the back, but I can assure you that I used a Wall-E stamp in which he’s holding a plant.  Huzzah, I am consistent in my theme!

Oh, here is the postcard I received.

He had said he was sending out steampunk postcards.  It’s hard to say if it’s steampunk (it probably is) because the inks were so light on the actual postcard (not his fault).  Actually, it’s easier to see as a scan.  It’s an ampoule of some sort.  I don’t have the postcard handy right now to reference what exactly this is, but I believe it said it was an ampoule pendant.  I need to go look at what it said again as it had a nice little explanation.