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Remember the post I did a long time ago about ring powers?  Well, I finally have an update for you.  Another one of my male friends has joined the League of Married Gentleman and he’s unlocked his ring power is record time!  I assume it’s record time at least.  I don’t really have any records on this.

Anyway, my friend managed to unlock his ring power in under a year.  His ring power is that of being able to buy things on the internet without repercussions.  That’s not what he called it.  I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember exactly what he called his power.  I think I might see him next month, so I can ask him for clarification.

As I understand it, what had happened was that his wife was talking to a friend about getting an Xbox.  My friend overheard this conversation and asked if they were considering getting an Xbox.  I believe he had wanted one for awhile.  His wife gave a general affirmative but didn’t mean to get one right away.  He didn’t realize that it was a future affirmative and ordered one on Amazon.  Tada!  Xbox arrives two days later.  His wife is surprised, but not angry.  That is important.  She is not angry that he bought an Xbox, which is not a necessity.  His ring power apparently affects his wife where she will make a suggestion to purchase some desirable and he is able to purchase said desirable and not face the wrath of his wife due to his purchasing a non-necessity.

This could be a very nice ring power for him.  He’s a nice guy too, so he probably won’t abuse it.  We’ll see.

So here are two separate instances of members of the League of Married Gentlemen unlocking their ring powers.  My online acquaintance has also discovered his ring power.  Therefore, it is verifiably true that one’s wedding ring unlocks a superpower (if you belong to the League of Married Gentlemen).


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