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So, this is from awhile ago, but I thought I might bring it up, since I recently mentioned the power of hyperopia.  If you are no longer in your formative years, it may be too late for you to use this method of unlocking the power of myopia.  But it seems that it is exceedingly easy for children to develop this power.  So, if you have kids and you want them to develop their myopic powers, read on.  Or…you could just read that article I linked to.  You know.  Whatevs.

As it turns out, the reason why Asians often are nearsighted is because they study too much.  Yup.  That’s right.  Studying too much makes you nearsighted.  But this is something I already knew…mostly just anecdotal evidence, which doesn’t really prove anything.  So maybe I didn’t know it-know it, but I did suspect it.

Anyway, Asians probably don’t have some genetic mutation that makes myopia more prevalent among the population.  It isn’t like low alcohol tolerance or lactose intolerance.  This is something environmental.  And this something environmental is studying.  Too much.  Indoors.

Ok, so that’s kind of unfair.  It isn’t really studying too much, since it would be terribly difficult to determine how much is too much studying, but the fact that Asian kids generally spend much more time studying indoors instead of running wild(ly) out of doors.  Actually, kids of all races tend toward myopia if they study indoors much more than running wild(ly) out of doors.

Why should it matter if we let kids run wild(ly) out of doors?  Well, it seems that the intensity of light affects eye growth.  So yes, you shouldn’t stay outside too long in bright sunlight because UV rays are bad, but if you don’t go outside at all, then you’ll become nearsighted.  And well…that’s kind of a stupid superpower.  But you know, if you want the powers of myopia, now you know how to unlock them.  For your kids at least.


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