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Remember this?

It eventually became paired with this (also from the week of ALL THE PROJECTS).

One of trainees from the Bible school (of sorts) that helps us out with the kids in my church group graduated from the Bible school a few weeks back and I thought it would be fitting to give her a small gift and card.  And so…I made them.

I was quite pleased with how the mug rug turned out.  Definitely gift caliber.  I decided to pair that with a simple card with unusual proportions and text alignment.  As it turned out, they went perfectly together because the mug rug was 6″x9″ and the card was 6″x9″ fully opened.  I hadn’t really planned it that way.  I mean, I wanted a card that was long and skinny, but I hadn’t specifically thought about the proportions.  I just decided on a certain size and it ended up being the same size as the mug rug.

I decided on making the letters mirror image across the fold.

I suppose you wouldn’t need an “& thanks” on the inside if you only wanted to congratulate the recipient.

Erm…the card was made with blue cardstock (obviously) with a creamy, bespeckled white cardstock (not as obvious).  I kind of regret using the bespeckled cardstock for the lettering because most of the speckles didn’t end up in the letters.  The few specks that did kind of ended up looking like accidental marks.  Oh well.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with how the card turned out.

If I were to make the card again, I might decide to make it two layers with the text cut out in the card and have a white underlay just so I wouldn’t have to glue so so many individual letters down.

OH!  I also just realized that this is the first thing I made with my Silhouette.  I have given up on the Cricut, not necessarily because it’s a bad machine, but because I do not agree with Provo Craft’s business model.  With the Silhouette, I am no longer tied down to cartridges and I can design my own things AND I can cut any True Type fonts (I believe I used Georgia for the card).  I had originally thought about getting a Cricut Expression (I had a Cricut Personal) because I needed to cut some bigger stuff but I decided that it would be better to cut ties with Cricut sooner than later and opted for a Silhouette instead.  And I am pleased that I have done so.


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