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Just to be clear, I’m not actually a hypochondriac.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I am one so that I can have all these really cool diseases.  Um…I’m obviously not much like other people.  I like diseases.  And the agents that cause disease.  They’re really interesting to me.  But I generally don’t really believe that I have said diseases no matter how convincingly I might portray a sufferer of the disease in question.  So anyway, to the story!

Recently, I was looking into various medical conditions because I thought I might have broken my throat and later on, a few toes.

The throat story: One day last week, my right tonsil started hurting.  No reason as to why.  It just decided to hurt intermittently.  Then it decided to hurt all the time.  I was kind of annoyed with it.  Tonsils that hurt kind of interfere with swallowing and sometimes with turning my head.  So, I decided to look into causes on tonsil hurt.  I found a few.  The most interesting one to me was tonsilloliths.  Did you know such things existed?  It’s like a kidney stone…but in your tonsil.  They can get quite large too and look something like a tooth.  Can you imagine a tooth growing out of your tonsil?  I wonder if it would be any good for chewing.  Probably not.  You can use your teeth for chewing because they’re firmly seated in bone.  Tonsils aren’t really known for their sturdiness.  Anyway, tonsilloliths generally cause bad breath and sometimes will cause sore throats, difficulty swallowing, coughing fits, etc.  You can often remove them yourself.  Apparently, a lot of people post videos of that on youtube.  Otherwise, here is an image search for tonsilloliths.  And the wiki article for it.  It’s all so interesting!

The broken toe(s) story: A few days after breaking my throat, I was trying to get ice some ice for my coffee so I wouldn’t have to wait so long for it to cool off.  That involved removing the ice tray.  That involved a large frozen block of something falling off the top shelf of the freezer.  That involved my right foot being smashed by this frozen block of something because I didn’t realize that a large frozen block of something had fallen from the top shelf of the freezer.  My toes are quite black.  Even now.  At first, I thought I might have broken some of them.  Since then, I’ve decided that while I might have cracked the bone, it’s probably just some pretty bad bruising.  But still, this was excuse to look up different conditions that involve painful toes.  Did you know there is something called turf toe?  I thought it might be some interesting and exotic condition involving your toe.  Maybe there’s so much fungus growing out of your toe that it resembles an athletic field.  I don’t know.  But…it’s not that.  It’s just a really bad sprain of your big toe.  It was so anticlimactic.  Disappointing even.  I guess it makes people feel better to have some interesting sounding condition instead of “badly sprained big toe”?  Anyway, apparently people also post videos of turf toe on youtube.  And here are a bunch of images again.  Here’s the wiki for it, which is actually filed under a much cooler sounding name.

So…yeah.  Interesting medical conditions.  I might sample some of them.


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