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Last week, I posted about the zombee apocalypse.  One J.R. McHackingstuff pointed out that I neglected to provide any illustrations of zombees.  Unforunately, that was true.  I was completely remiss in my duties to provide something so ridiculous as an illustration of a zombee.  So I got to work on that.

The problem is…I don’t really know how to draw a zombee.  If you take a look at my drawings of bees, they already push the boundaries of looking like bees.  I mean, three legs?  Such short antennae?  Really?  So, I present you my best effort on a zombee.  It…unfortunately, probably does not look much like a zombee.  I am saddened.

Incidentally, I found some more random bees in my yard at night that looked like they were in the process of keeling over.  I didn’t collect them for observation though.  I really should get on that.




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