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This reminds me of the time when I was in Wisconsin (yes, during that lovely time period) and I was heading back to the hotel after working second shift with grampaw.  We were looking for dinner.  The exit we had normally been taking (we took pretty much all of them that head to town in order to make our drive more interesting) didn’t lead to a lot of fast food places.  Why fast food?  Because it was late.  Grampaw and I really wanted to just go back to our rooms.  While I’m just fine not eating anything for hours or days on end, grampaw apparently can’t handle that.  Grampaw had McD’s several days in a row at that point and I thought maybe he should vary his diet a little.  We saw an Arby’s and decided to go there.

The interesting thing about that decision was that the Arby’s was on the left side of the road.  It meant that I had to make a left at the light.  Ok, so that’s not really that interesting.  What WAS interesting was/were the light/s.  There were two poles right next to each other facing the same way for the same lane, which was separated from the rest of the lanes with a largish island.  One pole had a light with a straight arrow and one had a light with a left arrow and they operated independently of each other.  The lane they were facing was for what I thought was a left turn only.  Why was there a straight arrow?   There was also a pole right next to the stop line of the left turn lane and it did…something I don’t remember.  The whole situation was weird.  Grampaw was of no help when various lights turned green but others stayed red and I had no idea what it was telling me to do.

I ended up running a red something while it was a green something else.  No clue.  (It might have been easier to figure out what it was telling me to do if it were daylight and if grampaw hadn’t worked two shifts and I hadn’t been jumping shifts all week.)


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