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Akismet recently flagged this as spam:

You’re alone and isolated in a zombie infested city/demon ridden town, with limited escape options and little chance of rescue. What do you do? Grab a pen and start practicing your calligraphy! People trapped in the world of survival horror love to get their write on, and leave little notes of mostly useless information in ludicrous places. Perhaps the breakdown of society and its fascist litter laws have caused the populace to get drunk on power, littering with wanton abandon. Nobody will stop these paper trailing maniacs now!

It’s…the most relevant spam I’ve ever had to this blog, I think.  But it’s also one of the more ridiculous pieces of spam I’ve ever gotten.  Actually, that might be why I think it’s actually relevant.  I wish I could approve it to show in the comments, but since the comment is obviously spam and linking site is rather suspicious, I can only leave you with that quote above.

Keywords: zombie, pen, calligraphy, notes, ludicrous, paper.


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