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The other day, I found some single use packets of Sriracha sauce.  You know, like ketchup packets, but containing Sriracha.  Didn’t know those existed?  They do.  But the problem with their existence is that I don’t think Huy Fong Foods makes any of them.  At least, not any that I’ve seen.  The only ones I’ve seen are from Spice World Int’l Group


and Chili Boy.  Have you ever seen the Chili Boy logo?

chili boy

It’s the Starkist tuna repurposed.

Oh those Chinese companies that don’t respect intellectual property.  Erm…the point of this paragraph is that I like Sriracha sauce made by Huy Fong foods and generally not any other manufacturer (Chili Boy and some water fairy brand).

[EDIT: Wait, here’s a better comparison, brought to you by a friend who had actually brought this to my attention awhile ago.

chili boy]

Anyway, like I was saying, I found some single use packets of Sriracha sauce (from Spice World Int’l Group) and I decided to take one along with me for lunch (I had fried rice).  I was mentally preparing myself for an unfamiliar taste because, like I said, this was from Spice World and not Huy Fong.  And sure enough, it was different.  Disappointingly so.  It was really sweet.  Not that garlicky.  I can only come to the conclusion that good Sriracha sauce involves roosters.



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