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Remember how I was thinking about teaching Choco how to drive because she’s sixteen (almost seventeen now)?  But then I didn’t know where to find a driving school that would accept dogs?  Well, I finally found one…except that it’s new New Zealand.  Surely you’ve seen this story already.

The SPCA trained three different dogs to change gear, steer, and brake.  They can do this in a real car.  This is just what Choco would have needed if she were to learn to drive.  I don’t think she’s much interested now.  She has a terrible case of old.

Speaking of, those dogs don’t look like they’re sixteen.  Granted, they are in New Zealand.  New Zealand probably has different age limits when it comes to driving.  Maybe Yaris would like to go visit New Zealand and learn how to drive…

In other news, there was a hoax story about Canadian politician wanting to pass a law requiring dogs to be bilingual in Montreal.  I was trying to see if I could find a cached article about it, but alas it looks like they’ve all been taken down.  But here’s a CBC report telling you about the hoax.  Oh, the silly internets.  Always fooling legitimate news houses into thinking jokes are real news.

But anyhoo, all of my dogs have been bilingual.  It’s not that big a deal.


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