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December?  But your last Whimseybox related post was for August!

Yes, I would have to agree with you there.  The last box I completed (kind of) was the August box.  And I assure you, my calendar does not go from August straight to December.  But the project for December was immediately useful to me and also easy to do, so I did it first.  So…here was December’s craft:


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It didn’t really help that I got the box in January, but I didn’t have a calendar yet…so, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  In the box was a wooden block for mounting stamps, a large ink pad (mine was black), a bunch of Foamies (adhesive foam shapes) to use as stamps, a pre-printed calendar, and a hole punch and string (for mounting purposes).

I’ve had really great Whimseyboxes (that I haven’t done yet) and this wasn’t really one of them.  This box seemed rather haphazardly assembled.  I mean, it was packaged beautifully.  I think they have their shipping method down.  But…Foamies?  And the stamp pad they gave me wasn’t quite large enough to fit the stamp mounting block so you had to finagle it around to get all the shapes inked.  But at least this gives me a good idea for a childrens’ meeting craft.  So…there’s something.


Sorry for the terrible picture. But I’m too lazy to go back and shoot again.

Anyway, here’s my calendar.  I’ve been really interested in triangles lately, so there are a lot of those.


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