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Fairy tales.  Of the Disney variety.  They’re interesting.  In the way that they’ve made fairy tales seem warm and inviting in which everyone lives happily ever after and nothing ever goes wrong ever again after the great evil of the land is vanquished.  But if you read the original fairy tales, that’s not what happens.  Fairy tales are often pretty dark.  They were still for children, but I guess children weren’t coddled like they are now.  Or something.  At least, children were raised to know that things go wrong?  I have no idea where I’m going with this.  I was just going through some old post ideas and I came across the Twisted Princess series by artist Jeffery Thomas I noted a while ago.  Several Disney princesses make it into his series which make me think of Disney-fied fairy tales vs the original.  That was it really.  This post doesn’t really go anywhere.

But I will say that I really like Twisted Ariel.  I think it’s the best executed of the bunch with the tattered fins and arm stump ending in a dinglehopper.

I also really like Twisted Snow White.  Twisted Ariel and Twisted Snow White are just so nicely done.  Twisted Alice isn’t bad, but I kind of think Alice in Wonderland isn’t of the same caliber since the original story was so…twisted to begin with.  Easy pickings.  Oh, but Twisted Cinderella.  That one’s a good one too.  The stories that pop into my head when I see these images…the stories!  But I probably won’t write any of them down.

Um…the end.

Oh, but he’s done some more Twisted Princesses recently.  You might want to check out some of his more recent work to see those.


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