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You know how sometimes you have a Costco bag of Texas sweet onions in your pantry and you really need to do something to get rid of them?  Oh, maybe it’s just me?  Well, I did find myself in such a predicament recently and I decided that I would make a sweet onion tart.  Because you know…I have tart pans and I want to use them.  And I had an excessive number of onions sitting in my pantry.IMAG00487

Tada!  This one obviously is a baked tart and it doesn’t use a crumb tart shell like the previous fruit tarts I’ve been making.

I made the crust from this French Onion Tarte recipe because I was too lazy to find the one I normally use.  It’s not a bad crust.  It bakes up very nice and crisp.  It isn’t terribly flaky, but then again, it’s not a pie crust either.  It is VERY buttery though.  I probably won’t be using this crust recipe again.  Also, remember to dock and weight when you blind bake.  I…may have forgotten.

For the filling, I decided to sauté two onions, thinly sliced, and threw in the remaining bacon pieces I had from something else.  I also ended up throwing in about 1.5 tbsp of dried thyme in an effort to get rid of some thyme.  Salt and pepper per usual.

For a little more flavor, I did end up spreading a thin layer of whole grain mustard on the bottom of the crust before dumping the onion mixture in.  And then as I was looking at it, I decided that I needed something to bind the filling together, so I whisked up two eggs and poured that over the onion mixture.  And then I remembered I had some sheep’s milk feta still in the fridge and that would go well with everything already in the tart, so I crumbled up about 2oz of that and sprinkled it over the top.  And then I finally put it in the oven at 425degF for about 30min before I ended up throwing half the contents of my fridge on top of the tart.

End result was very good.  I think I’d made this again.  I’ve had it both as a light dinner paired with a salad and also for breakfast.  It would work really well for brunch too.


I do not much feel like writing this into a recipe format.

Oh and here’s a bonus fruit tart that I made with the other tart pan that I have.  Fruit tarts just look so nice.



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