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Guys. I’m excited.  I just got my Microsoft Band 2.  I’ve been wearing the first gen Band since its release. Yes, I was an early adopter of a Microsoft product.  A rare occurrence for me.  To be an early adopter of anything really, not just of Microsoft products.  But particularly of Microsoft.

But anyway, I’m excited because the Band and Band 2 means…data collection.  And I have recently come to realize that I get an inordinate amount of pleasure from collecting data.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I wear a Fitbit.  I went from the Flex, which I liked quite a bit, to a Force, which I also liked quite a bit, almost to a Charge, but then Microsoft released their Band right after I preordered the Charge.  So…I ended up impulse buying the Band and then cancelling my order with Fitbit.  I did end up getting a Fitbit One because THEM provides a wellness program that recognizes data from Fitbit but not Microsoft, so…I found it necessary to wear two fitness trackers for data collection.

You might wonder what I do with all this data.  Do I crunch it?  First of all, I have no idea what that means.  I’ve never found data to be particularly crunchy.  And also, no.  I mostly just look at it.  I might plot and trend it, I might use to calculate other things, but mostly I get a lot of pleasure out of just collecting it.  Some people collect souvenir spoons.  I collect data.  I may also collect dust, but that’s another story.

You might also wonder how I realized I liked collecting data so much.  It’s really because I’ve started running again.  You might know of my hate-hate relationship I have with running as a form of exercise.  Actually looking back, I apparently haven’t written very much about it on this blog.  But collecting data while running has made running so much more bearable.  I will go for a run almost exclusively for the data now.  The exercise is really a bonus at this point.  Data.  Important.

The sad thing is, I’ve been sidelined from running for the next month or so.  So I can’t use my new Band to track my running stats.  I am tracking stats from the lower impact stuff I’m doing right now though.  It’s…just not as fun as collecting running stats.


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