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I just got home from work not too long ago (it’s 20:55 2011.12.20, in case you’re wondering).  It was a punch all the things kind of day (memegenerator is down right now, otherwise I’d show you the graphic I made for this).

But…I was actually unable to punch all the things.  Why?  Because when I went to punch all the things, I realized that there was an evil cyclops monster face (ECMF) on my finger on an area I would need if I were to indeed punch all the things.


What do you mean you cannot see?  Here, what if I cropped the image so as only to focus on the ECMF?


What do you mean “no”?  You are truly hopeless.  Here, I will help you even further.

With outline and labels and everything.

Do you not see now?  The stupid ECMF was preventing me from punching ALL THE THINGS.  Which made me want to punch all the things even more.  But I couldn’t.  Shakes fist in air!

Btw, if you’re curious where the ECMF came from, I acquired it last Sunday when I was cooking for 129837192873 (okay, like 100) people and somehow managed to scrape off an ECMF shaped portion of my finger, which then promptly started bleeding and then would not stop bleeding.  So then I had to wear a glove while preparing food.  DISLIKE.


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