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Dublin Castle

Grafton Street

A few handmade postcards!

These postcards are going to various places across the country via swap-bot, particularly for this swap.  This one was another one of those themed swaps.  In this case, we’re swapping postcards featuring buildings.

I decided to make these postcards using some photos I took when I visited Dublin, Ireland a few winters back.  The first one is of Dublin Castle.  It is the most colorful castle I’ve ever seen.  But only parts of it.  Some parts are not “restored” and look much like you imagine a castle should look.  And then you have these splashes of color.  It’s really interesting.  The other postcard is of Grafton Street, which is the place where everyone does their shopping.  I thought it was one of those tourist trap shopping areas at first, but I was told that everyone really does do their shopping there.  Since I was there over the holidays, it was decorated with lights and the like.  Some of the kids I was visiting had made it a tradition to see the lights late at night, when the street is more or less deserted.  They kindly took me along with them.

No stamp watch.

Did you know we’re approximately halfway through the challenge?


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