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I had meant to send out a letter today, but I didn’t have time to finish it.  Thus, a postcard!

This is a postcrossing postcard to Fresno, CA.  Not very far away.  The recipient had a list of preferred postcards but most had to do with the geography of the area I live or the culture of the region, etc.  Well, we both live in California.  I’m pretty sure she already knows all about it.  But her list also included requests for “athletic, good looking guys” and “pinup girls.”  I think this postcard qualifies, yes?  Superman is definitely athletic.  I suppose he is good looking.  He was designed to be that way, anyway.  Supergirl could be a pinup girl, I guess.  Normally pinups are quite glamorous, but Supergirl is having some definite problems in this one.  Oh well.


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