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Finally finished that letter.  It’s a real letter to a friend!  Huzzah!

This time, the letter is heading out to Spain, where I apparently send a lot of letters.  Who would have thought that I would end up knowing so many people in Spain?  This one is another letterfu letter.  I find that these letters are easier to write since I pre-fold the letter, which gives me a lot of smaller boxes on the paper to write small notes.  This…is kind of pathetic that I can’t even commit to a full page letter.  I mean, it’s one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  I can’t write a one page letter?  Well, a bunch of small notes is something, right?  And it’s probably a bit easier for the recipient to read if they don’t read a full page of blatherings because I think I’m still suffering from a pretty bad case of ASD.


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