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Recently, for some reason, I was looking up images and stories on planking.  You know, that strange fad that people participate in.  Where you lie face down with your arms by your side.

In strange public places.  The weirder the better.  Even to the point where parts of your body are suspended.

You know.  Planking.

Anyway, of course I decided to read up on what wikipedia had to say about planking and I found out that planking isn’t known as “planking” everywhere.  Now, “planking” isn’t the most elegant name ever, but it works.  It’s fairly descriptive.  I guess it could be mistaken for the exercise.

But you kind of get a mental image of a plank, right?

Well apparently, in parts of the US, planking is known as “facedowns”?  I don’t think that’s as good of a name.  Or how about in South Korea, where it’s known as “playing dead.”  Well, I guess.  But you can die in all sorts of other ways than in plank form.  Actually, the likelihood of you dying and landing in plank form is pretty slim.  How about in Australia, where planking is known as “extreme lying down.”  That has got to the be the funniest name I’ve heard for planking.

Excuse me.  I’m going lie down…extremely…over there.


Also, did you know that planking is also apparently known as the “lying down game”?  That’s the weakest name ever.

Hahahaha…extreme lying down.  Hahahahaha.

Yes, I find it very funny.



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