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I guess I’ll just use lines from the Monty Python spam skit as my subject line for every post hereafter in which I talk of spam.

So anyway, sometimes I really wish I could just allow the spam comments to go through because some of them are JUST. SO. FUNNY.  The latest one talks about motion sensor lights.  It even is quite relevant because it was left for my post on motion sensor lights.  Well  really, it was my post on a superpower I possess that directly involves motion sensor lighting.  Um…here.  I’ll just quote the spam comment:

We had the same problem at my previous employer, they also fitted motion sensors in the toilets above the urinals. Unfortunately when the cubicle door was shut, the sensor became obscured by the door and the lights would go off. The only way to get the lights on was to open the door and jump about, not necessarily recommended when your trousers are around your ankles.


I would just allow the comment to go through, except that it’s obviously spam as determined by the linking site and nonsense email address, and I don’t allow spam comments to be posted.  It’s too bad though since it’s so funny.  I’m kind of curious as to where the text came from.  I thought maybe another blog or something in which this guy complains about going to the bathroom in the dark.  I dunno, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.


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