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I like games a lot.  I like digital games a lot.  It’s much easier these days to find a few minutes to play a short game of something on my phone than to sit down at my computer for a few hours of gaming.  Or find people who are willing to have a board game session with me.  I support silly digital games.

But this…this is ridiculous.  Why do these things exist?


Do we not already have a board game called Scrabble?  Off of which Words with Friends was based?


Do we not already have a game called Pictionary?  Off of which DrawSomething was based?WP_20130125_005 WP_20130125_004And how do you even play these games?  (I didn’t look at the boxes before taking pictures of them.)

For Where’s My Water, you have to dump a glass of water into something?  And hope it gets to Swampy’s bathtub?  What about that weird green sludge?  Or that purple acidy stuff?  Does the box have that stuff too?  Isn’t it kind of a safety hazard for kids?

For Cut the Rope, do you constantly have to replace the rope?  And what’s playing the position of Om Nom?  Do they include trained spiders that want the candy?  Also, aren’t most kids scared of spiders?  Will the kids eat the candy themselves and not feed whatever monster thing they include with the game?

For Angry Birds, it’s more straight forward.  There have already been live games of Angry Birds.  I don’t really understand why they need more than one version though.  Do these bird figurines actually do things when you tap…the board?  How does that work, exactly?

Are people so creatively tapped out that they can’t make board games anymore?  Actually, no.  I know there are lots of really great board games out there.  You can just check out Tabletop and find so many really great games to play.  Whoever published these games is just dumb.  Why would I buy an inferior, physical version of a game for so much more money than the digital version?



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