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PM: is this from the asthma or the flu? 9:53 AM
Me: Both. My lungs are always actively trying to escape the confines of my body. Regardless of my general health. 9:56 AM

That was part of a conversation between my project manager and I this morning.  I get along rather well with my current PM.  He prefers texting over talking on the phone.  I am totally behind that.

Anyway, this conversation made me realize something today.  It made me realize that my lungs are really bad escape artists.  You see, I recently got the fluagain.  This makes me cough a lot.  On top of the coughing a lot I already do on a normal basis.  Because I also have asthma.  In case you did not gather that from the snippet of conversation I posted above.

Why did you not gather that?  I thought it was very clear.

So then, because of the asthma, I cough a lot.  I may also just enjoy coughing.  Coughing is my constant companion, always there for me.  Because of the flu, I cough even more.  Coughing may love me more than Monday does.  I sometimes describe coughing as “hacking up my lungs” because that’s what coughing sounds like.  The phase “hacking up my lungs” makes it sound like you’re trying to forcefully eject your lungs from your body.  I don’t particularly want to eject my lungs from my body as I’m pretty sure I need them to breathe, yet they are always trying to escape.  Therefore, my lungs must be escape artists.  But, they are really bad ones, because they have never once succeeded in escaping.

And thus I have presented this morning’s deep thought to you.


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