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At the time of this writing, my eyes hurt.  They’re kind of sore behind my eyeballs.  The eye socket area.  I can feel it especially when I look up or track objects from side to side.  I have decided that this obviously means that I’m developing a mutant ability to blast lasers out of my eyes.  Maybe the same way Cyclops can.

Actually, I kind of hope that’s not true.  Not the developing a superpower part.  I like having superpowers.  I hope that I’m not developing the same ability that Cyclops has because that would mean I would have to wear glasses all the time again.  I had LASIK done so that I wouldn’t have to wear glasses all the time.

Of course, that also brings up the question if this could be my laser heat vision starting to develop over a year after my experiment with LASIK and tomatoes.  I kind of hope this is the case.  I could totally utilize laser heat vision. It kind of sucks that I had to wait so long for laser heat vision.  And actually, I don’t even know if it’s going to develop fully because I haven’t been taking care to eat lots of tomatoes since the procedure.  I hope I didn’t ruin my chance of getting laser heat vision.

Also, I am choosing not to believe the more commonplace and more likely scenario that this is just a symptom of the flu.


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