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So, the other day, this happened.

Yaris Driver's License (pixelized)

That’s GeEssdee. Yaris’ last name has intercaps.
Also, that’s 22″ at the withers and 60lbs. You’re thinking that 60lbs is a bit heavy for a dog who is only 22″. That’s true. And it may not be entirely accurate because I didn’t ask Yaris to weigh herself before entering the information for her. I just gave it my best guess and she is rather plump right now.

Yaris went and got her license.  She didn’t even have to go to New Zealand for it.  Actually, she didn’t need to get any training at all.  Subaru very graciously provided her with a license to drive.  I let her know that she is not allowed to drive my car at all.  If she wants to drive, she’s going to have to get a car for herself.

Why did Subaru provide Yaris a driver’s license, you ask?  Well, because Subarus are dog tested and dog approved.  My guess is that their whole campaign here is to help this Grant Weber guy more business.  Grant Weber is Subaru’s canine sales associate.  I hadn’t realized that Subaru had sales associates dedicated to selling cars to dogs, but I guess they do.  Or perhaps, they don’t and Grant is trying to make it so that they do.  Hmm…

How did I find out about Subaru’s program about getting driver’s licenses to dogs?  It’s because I drive a Subaru Outback (his name is Puddul Shift).  Yes, it’s true.  I know you thought I drove a Highlander (her name is La Colichemarde, I may not have ever mentioned this) this whole time because a Highlander was featured in a few posts (that almost exclusively also involve spiders, so I won’t link to the posts) and I said that it was my car.  Well…yes, that was true then.  But a few months ago I went and bought myself a Subaru.  This campaign didn’t affect my choice in getting a Subaru because it hadn’t been launched when I bought my car.

I was going to buy my car via Costco’s auto program, but alas they are partnered with one of the stupid Subaru dealers in this area.  I really wanted to be able to say that I bought my car right off the pallet at Costco, but not so much to deal with this dealership.  I bought it from another, friendlier dealership that did quite a bit for me to get the car in the color and specs that I wanted.

Does it seem ironic that I drive this dog tested and approved car and won’t let Yaris drive it?  Hmm…perhaps.  But Yaris is still going to have to buy her own car if she wants to drive.

And in case you’re wondering,  I did ask Choco if she wanted a driver’s license and she said she wasn’t interested.  She seems to be more interested in sleeping these days.



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