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Disclaimer: I believe that because I say that these are pseudo-mathematical properties, you can safely assume that I realize that these make no sense, that they would not hold up to any rigorous testing, and you could never use them in any kind of mathematical proofs.

The zooga is a pretty dastardly thing.

the zooga ∝ tired or the zooga = k(tired) where k is some constant

the zooga + anything = pretty tired

But we do know that

coffee = k/tired

so you may think that

the zooga = coffee or the zooga – coffee = 0


the zooga >> coffee

And also


the zooga – a lot of coffee > 0

Ergo, the zooga is a pretty dastardly thing.


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  1. Your chart makes me understand what you’re talking about. Even if I don’t understand your pseudo-math.

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    […] I had the worst jet lag I’ve ever had. Then because I got sick. And then because of the zooga. Well, jet lag is over. But I’ve apparently contracted some strange sort of illness. At first […]

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