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Another Thursday Next book.  There are two books left that I haven’t read.  Well, two that are already published.  There’s one that’s slated to be published in 2012.

Also, I’ve decided I’m just going to go with  SPOILER WARNING and that’s it.  Now I can actually write about the book I read instead of trying to make the post sound like the blurb on the jacket of the book.

Now then, Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde.

So, Thursday is now a mother and in dire need a vacation.  You might recall that her entering into Bookworld was supposed to be a vacation, or really maternity leave, but instead she ended up battling the corruption inside Bookworld itself and even ended up becoming the head of Jurisfiction, which is like SpecOps 27 but inside books.  You actually may not recall this because I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but that’s what happened.  And now she’s ready for a vacation.  What do you do when you need a vacation from Bookworld?  Apparently, if you’re real and not a character, you go back to the real world.

The thing is, Thursday’s husband is still eradicated, so she had to fight to get him back.  Hamlet is having something of a crisis, so she had to babysit him in the real world.  The Jurisfiction agents Thursday left in charge still need a bit of hand holding.  Friday, Thursday’s child, is in his terrible twos and childcare is hard to be found.  Benevolent (but not really) Corporation has gone wild and declared themselves a religion.  And then there’s the problem of Yorrick Kaine, leader of the Whig party.  Yes, the Whig party.  Turns out, he’s fictional but has somehow managed to be right at the cusp of dictatorship of alternate reality 80’s England.  So interesting how that works.  And of course, the fate of the world depends on a championship croquet match.

Thursday does not know how to take vacations.


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