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First letter, posted!

This is a postcard to Ukraine via postcrossing.  It’s one of the many comic book cover postcards I have in my collection.  This particular one is issue #1 of Sandman.

If you look at the back…

You’ll note the ridiculous number of stamps I put on the postcard.  That’s because I forgot that postage rates have been raised.  It’s now 1.05$ to send a postcard internationally (excepting Canada and Mexico, I believe that’s 0.85$).  So, poor planning meant that I crammed a lot of stamps onto this postcard.  Also, don’t be harping that the USPS is always raising rates.  Whose fault is that, really (we will disregard the weird pension plan the USPS is forced to use right now)?  Write more letters, you.

In other news, I have secured my first postcard swap via lettermo.  I’ll be making this one, so the post will be up some time later.


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