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Second letter, also a postcard!

This is a postcard to New York via postcrossing.  This one is out of my Where’s Waldo postcard collection.  The recipient of this postcard is a teacher and she said she shares the postcards with her class.  I thought her class might like to look for Waldo.  Can you find Waldo?  I’m not including a large resolution scan of the postcard.  An extra two points to you if you can find Waldo and the other things.

The other things are listed in that box.

Look!  Only one stamp this time!

In other news, related to that postcard swap I was talking about yesterday, we exchanged mailing addresses today in order to send said postcards.  Guess how the salutation at the beginning of his email went.  “Hello Ms. Physh.”  Hahahahha!  I am adopting Ms. Physh for all my future semi-formal/formal occasions when I wish to remain relatively anonymous.



  1. Ms. Physh! Fabulous :D Love the postcard, though I can’t see it at such a small size. :3

    • I think the Where’s Waldo postcards I have in my collection are my favorites.

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