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It’s a handmade postcard! (Also, I mailed out a bill, but that probably doesn’t count.)

This is a postcard to California via swap-bot, particularly for this swap.  I took this picture back in…2006ish.  This is WB91 right before the SR271 interchange.  There was heavy traffic because Anaheim Hills was on fire again.  This was during the time when it was quite fashionable for Anaheim Hills to be on fire.  I remember there were quite a few number of years where Anaheim Hills would have wildfire issues every fire season.  It made commuting through the area pretty painful.  More painful than it is normally.

Why did I send a postcard of some place that’s on fire?  Well, I’ve actually always liked this photo.  I’m not really sure why.  I guess I like the contrast between the blue sky and all that orange smokiness right below it.  It’s not that I want Anaheim Hills to catch on fire again.  It really would be nicer if it didn’t.

Stamp watch!

Look!  Exact postage!  I found that I had several sheets of 0.01$ stamps so I was able to use exact postage this time.  It is now 0.32$ to send normal, first-class postcards through the mail.  It is 0.45$ if you’re sending oversize postcards.  Just fyi.


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