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The other night, I was watching some TV…or really, I had the TV on in the background as white noise while I was cleaning.  Anyway, Law & Order went to a commercial break and this commercial came on.

dot dot dot

At first, I thought it was a spoof of an infomercial.  You know how they make everything really ridiculous in order to make their product seem so much more useful?  They’re something like the beginning of this commercial.

I thought the Sensa commercial was actually one for where they poke fun of how ridiculous these infomercials are.  But…it wasn’t.  It’s a real commercial.  AND!  They say they’re “proud to announce the debut of our national commercial!”


That’s really the only emoticon that can describe the situation.

Obtw, the animation in the bigspot commercial really bothers me.



  1. hahahaha. I like how they say “the whole world” is using it, or something to that effect. I don’t think the rest of the world has caught on to it…(just saying…)

    • I saw the commercial again today. They had tried to shorten it a bit. It’s still just as ridiculous as it was before.

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